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It’s my birthday!!

Hello all,

It’s my 26th birthday. If I was devastated last year about turning 25 you can only imagine how I’m feeling now.. (Hint: old)

But jokes aside, I’ve made a big deal in the recent years about getting older and stressed about it way too much. Only because it makes me think that by now I should be married, have kids, and have my life all figured out.. Or at least I’m closer to the time that it should all happen.. But then, who says I should? Exactly. There is no rules and who cares If I still don’t know what I want to do with my life.

Two days ago I saw this quote on instagram and it couldn’t have been a better timing:

“Do not regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many.”

It really made me think and realise how stupid it is to worry about age, even if it is jokingly. What’s the point? I’m happy, healthy and alive, what more do I need? Well a good long run is what I would have needed but you can’t have it all right.

My decision for the new year as a 26-year old is to stop worrying and stressing out about things, especially things that I can’t control. I will live in the moment enjoying the little things. I will be thankful that I could have another birthday and I will consider myself lucky to get the chanceĀ  to become older (and wiser ;)).

But then, to the SPLIT challenge…

About 3,5 weeks ago I started my own split challenge, read about it here. I was meant to be able to do the split by my birthday (which is today btw). Things started off well and I noticed improvement during the first week but after about 2 weeks my right hamstring became really painful. Not just normal tightness but actual painful tightness only in one spot so I’ve had to ease back on that leg. I’ve still stretched the other side fair bit but I was a bit ambitious and would’ve needed more time.

Here’s the picture of me today attempting the split:


And here’s the one from 3,5 weeks ago (10th of October)


As you might notice, I was silly enough to only take a starting photo with right leg at the front and as my hamstring has not been very cooperative I could do after picture with only my left. But you can kind of tell I’ve improved… At least I’d like to think so.

The conclusion is that the split challenge will continue until foreseeable future. I will post a picture when I can actually get into one (with both legs hopefully).

Anyway, remember to enjoy your birthdays, they are to be cherished and not condemned!