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Goals for 2016

I know I’m a bit late with this but it’s never too late for goals right!

So here’s a list of my goals for 2016.

Running/Exercise related:

  1. Pbs in every distance; 5km, 10km, half marathon and marathon

-I find it hard to set specific time goals because I am still injured so I’m unsure if I can actually train hard. But I do find the times important sooo if my injuries clear up then my time goals would be:

-20:30ish for 5km

-Sub 43min for 10km

-1:33 ish for half marathon

-3:25ish for a marathon

-My previous pbs are 21:06 for 5km, 44:17 for 10km, 1:37 for half marathon and 3:37 for a marathon. My goal for marathon is the most ambitious but I think that with the right amount of training and flat course in Berlin it could be possible. It’s good to aim high anyway right 😉


2. Stay injury-free! I am writing this injured but the aim is to get rid of that injury and train smart all year. This will also be ensured by including stretching, foam rolling, strength training and cross training.

Educational/Work related:

3. Get a new degree-related job!

-I’ve had a job since I was 15 and I’ve done everything from driving tractors to telesales, from McDonalds to delivery girl.. But I haven’t had a job yet that would’ve been directly or even vaguely related to my degree. My Master’s isn’t quite over but I have a Bachelor’s in Psychology so it would be nice to finally have a job doing the thing I studied to do.


4. Write an amazing dissertation.

-I didn’t make the January deadline I was originally aiming for so I’ll have to hand in my dissertation later on this year. I just have to keep motivated and focused to get it done and get a good grade from it.

Other life goals:


-Last year wasn’t the greatest year financially so I didn’t get to travel as much as I would’ve liked/have done previously. So the plan is to try and travel more because there really isn’t anything better than travelling and I miss it so much.

Tanzania, Africa 2013
Western Australia, 2010
Paris 2015

6. Brush up on my Spanish.

-I used to study Spanish in high school and I spent a summer working as a waitress in Madrid when I was 18. I became pretty fluent in it and I absolutely love the language. I haven’t really had to speak Spanish since though, which is like 8 years ago now (It’s been 8 years since I was 18, that makes me feel OLD). So the plan is to relearn it by watching Spanish tv/listen to Spanish radio and read in Spanish. I miss being able to speak it so that’s the aim for the year.. maybe I’ll combine goals 5 and 6 and make a trip to Spain to practise it 😉

7. Spend less time on Social Media.

-I know that blogging and advertising it on instagram etc requires social media plus the fact I have family/friends on other countries require things like facebook to stay in touch with them but it doesn’t mean I need to live in there. There’s a difference between reading some blogs/replying to messages and spending an hour scrolling through some random person’s instagram photos from 56 weeks ago.

8. Read more books.

-I like reading but I don’t read as many books anymore because I “don’t have time”.  I guess the time I save from social media can be used for this instead. Good book recommendations are welcomed.

9. Be present.

-I have this tendency to dwell on past and worry about future but like they say “there’s no time like the present”. This is definitely something I need to work on. I want to focus on the present and the life that’s happening right now enjoying the little things around me.

Picture from quotesvalley.com

10. Word for the year: Ambition

-I heard that some other bloggers picked a word to live this year by so I decided to pick one too. One of the first ones that popped into my head was ambition. Being ambitious is something I used to consider myself to be but for some reason in the last few years I feel like I have lost some of that and I don’t feel as ambitious anymore. It’s almost like I can’t be bothered to try as hard or believe in myself as much as before. So this year I want to sparke that ambitiousness that I used to have in me, take on challenges, and aim for that moon 🙂

Hope you all have an amazing year! What are your goals?







Split challenge!

I think I’ve already mentioned (few times) that I like to set myself goals when it comes to running. It’s the best way to keep you focused and motivated and working hard, and the feeling of accomplishment when you reach your goal is the best feeling ever.

At the moment I don’t have any running goals as I’m still nursing my knee injury. There are, however different challenges that I can take.

In January I did the ab-challenge by blogilates (link here) and in February I did a 28-day plank challenge which I found somewhere on facebook. Don’t know about you but planking for 4 mins is no joke.

I haven’t however, taken part in any stretching challenges and in all fairness I haven’t been very good at stretching at all in the last years. Back in my golden teenage years I used to dance ballet, jazz, hip hop, reggaeton etc.. and needless to say I was more flexible then. I know some people are naturally flexible and if you start ballet very early you will become beyond flexible. I didn’t start ballet as a child, but when I was about 11. I wasn’t particularly flexible but I was determined to do splits with both legs no matter how much stretching it took. I can’t remember how long it took me but I remember stretching every night at home desperate to get into splits. And eventually, I did. I know there’s still a photo somewhere in a photo album where I am showing off the split to my mum because I was so proud.

I’ve been envying people who are flexible recently and been wishing I could so splits again..

Appropriate quote from quoteschart.com

SO, my goal now is to get into that split. I was meant to make this an October challenge but kind of forgot to start before the marathon and I think I will need every extra day to stretch my little old (and very stiff) legs. I took a before photo on the 8th of October which is here:

I have no idea why I look like a cone head btw!

Yes. I know. Nowhere near a split. But hey, you gotta start from somewhere.

Instead of doing this a 30 day challenge until 8th of November, I will set the goal day for the 5th because it’s my birthday.

So the aim is to be able to do a split again by my 26th birthday 🙂

It won’t be easy and I don’t even know if it’s achievable,  but it will definitely make me work towards something.

Wish me luck and join me if you want!

P.S. When I first started this blog I told you I had just entered the London ballot. Just an update: I didn’t get in and I’m wearing the “loser” jumper in the above photo. It’s a nice little consolation gift when you don’t get a place plus me and Minna have already made a lot better marathon plans for the spring. Who wants to run in London anyway? 😉

Life after the marathon?

I’ve discovered there is life after the marathon. Last week I wasn’t sure of this; every plan I made was related to the marathon or only concerned the time before Sunday. Even food I bought was with the frame of mind that “I won’t eat this before the marathon anyway so no point of buying it”. As if I would never eat again after Sunday. Ha. Quite the opposite.  I don’t know if anyone else gets like this but I just get so focused on an important event and forget that life goes on after that as well.  (Life has  moved on but my legs still remind me that I’ve run a marathon everytime I take the stairs!)

Anyhow what are my plans now after the marathon has been done?

School wise I really need to get my ass in gear and focus on my dissertation. Also, I’m a maid of honour for my sister’s wedding this December (which is super exciting!!!) and that involves some planning and bits and bobs I need to sort out before.

But what are my plans for running?


Before the marathon I was struggling with a serious knee pain and very unsure if I could run the marathon at all. I made a deal with my body then that if it will let me run the marathon without any major knee pain, I will let it rest from running for 2 weeks or a month. (I think I promised month but I have modified it to 2-3 weeks now :D). I really don’t want to not run, however, my body did let me run the marathon and I don’t want to let down my promise of giving it a rest.

I’ve been extremely injury prone for the last few years but I tend to ignore injuries and run through them as much as I can. This knee pain has been a problem since May so I think it’s time for me to take it seriously and actually rest and recover properly. I am also going to the physio next week to get it diagnosed as it has been extremely painful today and I think it’s time to get professional advice on it.

Any races planned? Yes and no. I wrote down a 10k race and a half marathon for November couple of months ago but I really don’t think that is wise. Chester marathon was the main aim, and although I would like to get a half marathon pb for this year there will be plenty more races next year and I think I can live with “just” a marathon pb until then. The smartest thing I can do is not rush into running but heal my knee and every niggle before I go back.

It’s hard when the Autumn weather is designed for running though.


The plan is to focus on strengthening my body and make it injury-proof (if that’s possible). I’ll be going to the gym for some cardio to keep up fitness but also use the equipment to strengthen my body overall. I’ve been neglecting ab workouts and upper body workouts (can probably tell from my puny arms :D) when in marathon training so I’ll change the focus now to maintain the strenghtening exercises for legs plus add abs and upper body in now that I have more time.

I’ll probably still continue going to pilates because it makes me happy (and I tell myself it helps with injuries). I might look into yoga classes as well and see if I get hooked into that. Also, more stretching. Definitely more stretching. I’m actually planning on setting myself a very challenging goal related to stretching but I’ll tell you more about that next time 🙂

Happy exercising to you all!

Goals for Chester Marathon

So Chester marathon is on Sunday. That’s two sleeps away (help!).

What are my goals for the marathon? Well my first goal is to be able to finish the marathon without major knee pain. I went for a little test run today and my knee still hurts so that hasn’t exactly filled me with confidence. BUT, last year on my last run before Dublin marathon I was still injured and had hip pain, yet during the marathon I never felt it. Sooo maybe I won’t feel my knee pain on Sunday either (wishful thinking). I have never not finished a race but if it comes to that on Sunday then I will have to do it. At the end of the day running is only running and there will always be other races. I need that knee to be able to run a lot more in the future.

How do people take photos when they run? My failed attempt.

But ignoring this knee pain, what are my goals for Chester marathon?

Definitely a pb. That has always been the goal for a marathon and I don’t see why it couldn’t happen this time. But what time am I actually aiming for? I still don’t know.

For about 2 years now I’ve been dreaming about sub 3:30 but it hasn’t happened and I haven’t even been near it. And now sub 3:30 sounds impossible as well. In training my goal marathon pace runs have been just under 5 min/km which equals to about 3:30 marathon. But I don’t feel confident that that time is doable.

There are numerous race time predictors that help you estimate your marathon time based on half marathon time for instance:

Runners world has one here According to this I should be able to run a 3:23 marathon. There’s another one here again predicting me about 3:23 finish. And the McMillan calculator here predicting me a time of 3:25. They all sound very ambitious. My recent half marathon was 1:37:38, double that it’s about 3:15 and according to the first two calculators I’d only spend extra 8 minutes for a full one. Emmm. I don’t think so. Maybe someone else would but not me with my fitness levels.

I managed to find another one that actually takes into account not only your recent race time but your average weekly mileage as well (makes a whole lot more sense to me). That calculator is here According to this one my marathon time would be either 3:37 or 3:39 depending on if I added just my half marathon time or my 10k and half marathon times to the calculator. As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, my weekly mileage has been quite low and since this predictor is taking that into account it’s probably closer to the truth than the 3:23. That’s a huge difference between the calculators!!


So now it comes down to the pacing strategies.. I’ve always struggled to keep my pace consistent and especially in longer races it’s easy to start off way too fast as you are full of adrenaline and feeling great. There’s absolutely nothing worse than realising half way through a marathon that you started too fast because the second half can be pure hell from then on (been there done that). My goal is to try and pace myself so that I can enjoy the whole marathon. That being said, I’m not sure if you should enjoy running a marathon but at least I’d like to feel like I’m still alive at the 30km mark.

I recently read that you should set yourself multiple goals so you won’t be so disappointed if you don’t reach your only goal. For instance goal times that are “Amazing”,  “well done”, and “I can live with that”.

I’ve made myself a list of times and how they’d make me feel:

Sub 3:30 = Ridiculously unbelievably happy

Sub 3:35 = Very very happy

Sub 3:40 = Happy

Sub 3:45 = I can live with that.

My previous pb is 3:46, and I do believe I am in a better form than I was when I ran that. So if I break my pb by less than 5 minutes I will be disappointed. I know it’s still a pb but I know myself and I know I won’t be as happy.

The racing strategy is to aim for a negative split (run second half faster than first) but I don’t really know my form well enough and I can’t decide if I should start off with 5:05-5:10 pace and pick it up if I feel good or should I just ambitiously go for the 5 min/km pace and hope it’s not too fast. I’d hate to hit the wall because of my pacing but I’d also hate to feel like I should’ve started faster and I didn’t give my everything out on the course. Also, if I don’t make a plan what pace to stick with but just go with how I feel on the day I know I will go out too fast. I’ll have to decide before Sunday what my starting pace will be… Decisions decisions..

I hope I don’t get DNF next to my name. But all time goals and paces aside, you have to respect the marathon distance, and anything can happen during it.  Sometimes it just isn’t your day, and that is okay too.

At the end of the day, my biggest concern is my knee, if that knee doesn’t let me finish then so be it. And if it slows me down then fine, I’ll have to live with a time that’s slower than 3:45 but hey ho, it’s still another marathon done 🙂

Have a great weekend!