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In Bruges (It’s in Belgium)

Hi all,

and sorry for the silence! This blog has become very quiet but one day I will pick it up again and start writing more frequently (I promise).

However, for now, I just wanted to share few pictures and thoughts from our trip to Bruges.

A lot of people asked me why Belgium when I told them I was going there for the long weekend. My main reason? The film In Bruges. Anyone who has seen it will hopefully understand why I had the temptation to see it myself.

Me and JP flew to Brussels and spent a day there as I thought we may as well see the capital while there. Brussels was… not sure how to describe it. It was just like any other European city with nothing that really jumped at me. The EU buildings looked big and gave the city a “businessy” look but few streets down there was a lot of obvious poverty and dirt etc. It was very strange.

I actually preferred the areas out of the city centre as it almost looked like Italy or Spain with its narrow streets, sunshine, and people drinking beer on the little corner cafes with clothes hanging on balconies. The cool thing was that lots was going on in the centre as well, in the couple of hours there I saw a really good Dutch man singing on the street, and two women dancing off a building (yes I mean off the building). They were hanging from two strings that were on the roof of the building and they were dancing on the wall. It was incredible!

Anyway, following day we went to Bruges which is about 1 hour away from Brussels. It was extremely busy and full of tourists – a lot of Japanese and Chinese tourists – which I found interesting. So Bruges must be famous outside of the film too.

My first thoughts were “this is so pretty and everything looks like a fairytale” (for anyone who has seen the film :D). However, after about few hours I had seen enough bridges and canals and I realised there really isn’t anything to do there. I slowly started to realise why in the film they call Bruges “a shithole”. I mean it wasn’t, it was very beautiful but after you’ve walked around for few hours you kind of feel like you have seen it all. Food was okay but nothing special (my favourite was pancakes)

Chocolates are usually my thing but they were very expensive as that’s what they are famous for. And Belgian beer, well after trying 3 different ones I established I’m not much of a beer drinker anymore haha!

JP not impressed after having to queue over an hour to the Bell tower 😀

Overall, it’s a lovely little city but it really can be seen in one day, we spent 2 days and I don’t think I could’ve stayed any longer. It has a lot of churches and other bits you can visit but maybe I’m not cultural enough to appreciate it all. I would love to hear thoughts from other people who have been. Am I just being too critical about it or is it actually a bit boring? 🙂

Would I recommend it? I’m not sure. Don’t get me wrong, I really liked our trip there but I don’t feel like I need to go again. Usually when I leave a place I like I can’t wait to return so I guess the fact I don’t think I’ll ever go to Belgium again says it all.

P.S. In Brussels we stayed at the Radisson Red hotel. If you ever find yourself in Brussels I would highly recommend it.