Prague – The city where beer is cheaper than water

I went to Prague with Minna last week.

I flew from Bristol with Brussels Airlines and had a stopover in Brussels on the way there and back. Minna flew straight from Finland and we met at the airport. My fear of flying came back momentarily on the first flight as it was in a tiny propeller airplane that made very strange noises… but I survived.

We stayed at an Airbnb (this one ) and it was actually my first time ever staying at an Airbnb abroad. The place was small but really cute and very convenient location about 15 min walk from the old town. The owner actually came to bring us the keys on the night we arrived and left a map of the area as well. And we paid about 110 euros each for 4 nights. I’ll definitely be staying in more airbnbs now.

Timewise I think 3 full days + the Wednesday night was enough time to explore but of course you could do much more and visit other places too.

Foodwise it was good but very meat focused. Even though I’m not vegetarian I also don’t eat much meat and all menus were very meat heavy. I did try beef goulash and that was actually not bad. And it came in a bread bowl!

When it comes to eating out in Prague it’s not that cheap as you’d think if you stay within the old town area where all the tourists are. For example the place where our airbnb was had loads of restaurants around it and they were third of the price but actually better food.

Cauliflower pancakes

Also, we had to try the Choco Cafe by Bethlehem Square as anyone who knows me knows I’m obsessed with chocolate. Apparently you should book but we just walked in and got a table. This place was such a disappointment and I actually never finished my hot chocolate. It was just way too sweet to the point where every sip tasted gross. Maybe it was the particular hot chocolate I ordered (I ordered one with milk chocolate) or maybe I just only like chocolate in its normal chocolate form rather than in a drink 🙂 Worth going if you like sickly sweet chocolate drinks.

Drinkswise the saying “beer is cheaper than water” is true. For some reason they don’t want to give you tap water in many places so you have to pay for the still water. Still water was roughly 55 korunas where beer was 45. Because I’m not a huge beer drinker I drank mostly white wine and I tried a lot of local Czech wines which were actually really nice!



-This Trdelnik thing was so nice – especially with nutella!

-Loads of nice parks – my favourite view was from the Vitkov Park and Petrin Hill (we didn’t climb up the tower because we are both scared of heights :D)

Vitkov Park

-Just the whole cobbled streets, architecture and old city feel. I love eastern European cities.


It was cold! Haha. Not Prague’s fault but if I visit again I would go in the summer. They had loads of lovely looking bars and restaurants by the river so I imagine it’s really picturesque to sit there in the summer time.

I think some of the views would have been even nicer if it hadn’t been so foggy. Overall though 10/10 for a travel destination and would strongly recommend to everyone!

(Most photos thanks to Minna and her camera!)


Adios Prague! Where next? 🙂


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