Hey guys,

It’s time for the monthly (I’m going to try keep them monthy :)) Currently post.

Current thought:

-It’ll be nice to go back to work tomorrow after 2 weeks off (due to the hernia op).

Current tv-show:

-13 Reasons why

Current book:

-“Around Africa” (Afrikan Ympari) – it’s a book in Finnish my mother got me for Christmas. I haven’t read in Finnish in so long so I’m really enjoying it.

Current song:

-Darius Rucker – Wagon Wheel


Current weather:


Current food:

-Granola with greek yoghurt, berries, nuts and peanut butter.

Current drink:


Current chocolate:

-Milk chocolate with hazelnuts from Lidl. I love chocolate from Lidl cos it’s so cheap!

Current source of stress:

-Holiday planning  – so it’s good stress 🙂

Current source of happiness:


Current mood:

-Grateful – That I got two weeks off work to recover from the surgery and JP has been amazing at doing everything for me! Haha.

Current quote:

-‘Obstacles are what you see when you lose the sight of your goal.’

Currently want to be:

-In New York  – everyone seems to have travelled there recently.

Current idea:

-I think I’m going to win the lottery.

Current video:

Current blog/article/website:

-Pinterest. I discovered this not so long ago and love using it for travel and life inspiration.

Current countdown:

-To Prague in March 🙂

What’s currently going on in your world? 🙂

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