My Bucket List

Happy Saturday everyone!

I once saw someone post about a bucket list and it made me realise I have never actually written one I could use to cross off things as I go along. So here it is, my bucket list currently.

In no particular order:

-Run an ultra marathon (but for some reason I want it to be exactly 100km not shorter not longer)

-Climb up Kilimanjaro

-A lot of marathon related goals such as run the original Athens Marathon and all the marathon majors

-See Macchu Picchu

-Dance tango in a Spanish speaking country (I’m thinking Buenos Aires)

-Run in Central Park, New York

-See a show on Broadway

-Live in at least one other country

-Write a book

-Do an Ironman

-Swim in all of the 7 seas (5 down, 2 to go)

-Walk up the great wall of China

-Win an Oscar (I know I should probably become an actress first)

I wish mine also included “cool” things such as hot air balloon rides or skydives but there is absolutely no way! I am terrified of heights 😀

I also think it’s important to sometimes stop and look at things you have already accomplished in order to be grateful. So below are some of the things that used to be on my bucket list and I have already done:

These include:

-Travel to Australia (little did I know I would be staying 21 months)

-Volunteer in Africa

-Travel to Venice

-Live in Spain

-Run a marathon

-Study in an English speaking country

-See Barcelona play in Camp Nou

-Visit Lake Garda

-See Eiffel Tower

What’s on your bucket list? 🙂

2 thoughts on “My Bucket List”

  1. Oi vitsi, onpa mahtavia juttuja <3 Mä en ole myöskään koskaan kirjoittanut bucket listia, mutta ehkä pitäisi! Välillä on hyvä ottaa aikaa omille haaveille ja kirjoittaa niitä ylös! Ja todellakin myös arvostaa niitä asioita, joita on jo saanut kokea! 🙂

    Kivaa sunnuntaita!!

    1. Joo saas nahda etta kuinka monta ehtii toteutua mutta musta on ainakin kiva aina tehda tallasia listoja ja ainakin sit on jotain mita tavoitella 🙂

      Samoin sinne kivaa sunnuntaita ja hyvaa lentoa Suomeen huomenna! 🙂

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