Training recap

This is probably the earliest I’ve ever written  a training recap, usually it’s like at least Thursday before I recap the previous week’s training.

So last week looked like this:

Monday: Off

Tuesday: Off (arms)

Wednesday: 1 hour bike + legs and planking

Thursday: 20min crosstrainer, 6km easy run on the treadmill (pace 5:44) + arms and abs

Friday: 10min crosstrainer, 10km steady run (pace 4:58), 11km in total + legs

Saturday: Off

Sunday: 8km run, pace 5:37

Total running: 25km

Way too many off days for my liking but as I mentioned in my last week’s recap I overdid it on Sunday and really hurt my knee so I kept Monday off. On Tuesday morning my intention was to go and run 1km repeats but I woke up with the sorest shin. It was so bizarre, there was no pain on Monday or previous days and I didn’t even do anything on Monday but Tuesday morning my right shin really hurt. I foamrolled a bit and thought compression calf sleeves will do and I’ll be fine for my 1km repeats 😀 Yea right. I left the house and the first step hurt so much that for probably the first time in my life I turned back home after about 300m. All of Tuesday it was seriously sore but by Wednesday the pain was gone. All I did was put some Ice power gel on it and foam rolled my calves. I’ve had similar pain before (lower shin pain just on one leg) and last time it came out of nowhere and disappeared very quickly too. So strange. Wish all of my injuries did that ha.


Anyhow on Wednesday I went to the gym but I didn’t wanna run yet just in case (see I’m learning ;)). By Thursday I wanted to test running so I jumped on the treadmill for easy 6km. I was going to do more as nothing was hurting but again thought there’s no point pushing my luck now (I’m really proud of myself). While I was on the crosstrainer afterwards though I felt some weird pain around my achilles, but this time left foot. I don’t know if I’m just going to be in pain forever or if I’m imagining these pains but these niggles really seem to haunt me.


On Friday I was going to do the 1km repeats but my only option was treadmill and I didn’t want to do them on the treadmill so I thought I’d do a tempo run instead. I got to the gym after work and I had zero desire to run fast or push myself. I thought I’d give it a go anyway and hopped on the treadmill after crosstrainer. After 500m I felt like my knee really hurt and my legs were so heavy so I stopped and decided it’s not going to be a run day. I went and did some legs and then changed my mind because I wanted to have Saturdaay off. I thought I’d give the treadmill another go but I still had no interest in a tempo run so I decided to make it a steady run instead (around marathon pace). There was no knee pain for the whole of 10km so I don’t know why it hurt the first 500m before that. I finished the steady run with 500m jogging and left the gym happy that I had actually managed to run.

I had Saturday off and then decided to do the 1km repeats on Sunday. JP was ill all week and I finally caught the bug Friday night so I didn’t feel great on the weekend. When I woke up Sunday morning I had a sore throat, headache and a runny nose so I really didn’t see myself running 1km repeats. It’s one of those workouts I probably hate the most  and find hard even at best of times so I knew that being slightly ill isn’t gonna help.  I didn’t want to skip the run completely though and trusted the advice “Symptoms below the neck require time off, while symptoms above the neck don’t pose a risk” (source). So I opted for another easy run and even that felt quite hard because I didn’t feel 100%.


Overall okay week, weird niggles continued and then I got ill so can’t really say it was a great week but hopefully next week will be more exciting and I get to finally do those 1km repeats :S 😀

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