Training recap

This is probably the earliest I’ve ever written  a training recap, usually it’s like at least Thursday before I recap the previous week’s training.

So last week looked like this:

Monday: Off

Tuesday: Off (arms)

Wednesday: 1 hour bike + legs and planking

Thursday: 20min crosstrainer, 6km easy run on the treadmill (pace 5:44) + arms and abs

Friday: 10min crosstrainer, 10km steady run (pace 4:58), 11km in total + legs

Saturday: Off

Sunday: 8km run, pace 5:37

Total running: 25km

Way too many off days for my liking but as I mentioned in my last week’s recap I overdid it on Sunday and really hurt my knee so I kept Monday off. On Tuesday morning my intention was to go and run 1km repeats but I woke up with the sorest shin. It was so bizarre, there was no pain on Monday or previous days and I didn’t even do anything on Monday but Tuesday morning my right shin really hurt. I foamrolled a bit and thought compression calf sleeves will do and I’ll be fine for my 1km repeats 😀 Yea right. I left the house and the first step hurt so much that for probably the first time in my life I turned back home after about 300m. All of Tuesday it was seriously sore but by Wednesday the pain was gone. All I did was put some Ice power gel on it and foam rolled my calves. I’ve had similar pain before (lower shin pain just on one leg) and last time it came out of nowhere and disappeared very quickly too. So strange. Wish all of my injuries did that ha.


Anyhow on Wednesday I went to the gym but I didn’t wanna run yet just in case (see I’m learning ;)). By Thursday I wanted to test running so I jumped on the treadmill for easy 6km. I was going to do more as nothing was hurting but again thought there’s no point pushing my luck now (I’m really proud of myself). While I was on the crosstrainer afterwards though I felt some weird pain around my achilles, but this time left foot. I don’t know if I’m just going to be in pain forever or if I’m imagining these pains but these niggles really seem to haunt me.


On Friday I was going to do the 1km repeats but my only option was treadmill and I didn’t want to do them on the treadmill so I thought I’d do a tempo run instead. I got to the gym after work and I had zero desire to run fast or push myself. I thought I’d give it a go anyway and hopped on the treadmill after crosstrainer. After 500m I felt like my knee really hurt and my legs were so heavy so I stopped and decided it’s not going to be a run day. I went and did some legs and then changed my mind because I wanted to have Saturdaay off. I thought I’d give the treadmill another go but I still had no interest in a tempo run so I decided to make it a steady run instead (around marathon pace). There was no knee pain for the whole of 10km so I don’t know why it hurt the first 500m before that. I finished the steady run with 500m jogging and left the gym happy that I had actually managed to run.

I had Saturday off and then decided to do the 1km repeats on Sunday. JP was ill all week and I finally caught the bug Friday night so I didn’t feel great on the weekend. When I woke up Sunday morning I had a sore throat, headache and a runny nose so I really didn’t see myself running 1km repeats. It’s one of those workouts I probably hate the most  and find hard even at best of times so I knew that being slightly ill isn’t gonna help.  I didn’t want to skip the run completely though and trusted the advice “Symptoms below the neck require time off, while symptoms above the neck don’t pose a risk” (source). So I opted for another easy run and even that felt quite hard because I didn’t feel 100%.


Overall okay week, weird niggles continued and then I got ill so can’t really say it was a great week but hopefully next week will be more exciting and I get to finally do those 1km repeats :S 😀

Training week recap (and some niggles)

Hi again,

So here’s a recap about last week’s training:

Monday: Off

Tuesday: “hills” on the treadmill, 8km in total, 20 min bike + legs and abs

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: 10km easy run, pace: 5:40

Friday: 4*3*2*1 tempo run, 14km in total with warmups & dooldowns + abs

Saturday: Off

Sunday: 16km run, pace 5:50

Running total: 48km

I was meant to go to the gym on Monday but got an unexpected call for an interview that day which changed the plans for the day and I ended up skipping the gym.

On Tuesday I did “hill” training on the treadmill again. After a 20 min bike warmup and 1km running I did 10*2mins at 4% incline with 1min recovery at 0% incline in between with an average pace of 05:17. I started a bit slower and increased the pace towards the end. The workout felt good, it felt like there was effort and it wasn’t easy but it wasn’t too hard either.

On Wednesday I skipped pilates as I was preparing for a workshop I delivered that evening and I also knew that the instructor I really like wasn’t going to be there.

I had the second and third stages of that interview on Thursday but managed to run an easy 10km in between the interview times. What a great way to calm the nerves 😀

I did a tempo on Friday this week and tried a workout I read from Katju’s blog. It’s a 10k tempo but done in chunks of 4km, then 3km, then 2km, and then 1km. I’m not sure what the actual recovery in between should be but because it was my first time doing it I decided to do 2-3 min walking/stretching recovery. The first breaks ended up being longer because my Garmin lost satellites (don’t you hate when that happens!!) and I had to wait for it to record pace again. My aim was to run each set a little bit faster than the previous one. I aimed to do the first set around my normal tempo pace (4:30/km) and then each set couple of seconds faster. So I ended up doing the 4km at 4:30 pace on average, 3km set in 4:27 pace, 2km in 4:24 and the 1km in 4:16. It was a nice change for a normal tempo run and again the run was hard but not as hard as a normal 10km tempo would have felt like without the breaks. I averaged 4:25 for the 10km which is faster than I normally run tempos but of course the breaks in between helped. It wasn’t easy either, don’t get me wrong. Especially as I made the mistake of eating way too close to the run and the first 4km I could feel the stitches and my stomach not agreeing with that 😀

I was going to go to the gym on Saturday as I had already had an unplanned rest day for the week but my left calf started hurting completely out of nowhere while I was at work. It was a very weird pain, almost like a trapped nerve and it just got worse and worse towards the end of the day. So I decided to skip gym and just go home from work. I’ve had a similar calf pain before, I think few months ago and it came out of the blue then as well and disappeared the same way… both times not when I’ve been running but just without any obvious reason.

So Sunday morning I was going to try and trun 16km as my long run but decided to skip it because of the calf pain and also because I had a lot of uni work to do. I spent few hours in uni but then on my way home I got really annoyed about missing the run so I decided to go anyway. The weather was extreme and stormy and I wasn’t sure how my calf was going to behave (my knee wasn’t feeling great either) so I thought I’d just go and see how I feel not worrying if I can’t do 16km. Well, as you can imagine, once I was out there I really wanted to get the 16km done and despite my knee hurting and some niggling pain around my achilles and shins I did that 16km. It was stupid. Towards the end I was in serious knee pain so I knew I made a mistake. Surprisingly, my left calf wasn’t in pain at all but my knee was, and in general I didn’t feel great, probably because of the horrandeous weather as well.

I got my 16km done, longest since the injury and marathon in October but I should’ve cut it shorter. Stubborness is not the greatest of qualities.

As I’m writing this I am in serious shin pain (this time right leg) so I guess I overdid something last week and I’m paying for it now.

Oh well, fingers crossed my niggles will go away as quickly as they came.

Hope you’ve been able to run injury and niggle free this week.

P.S. Sorry about the lack of photos,  I didn’t take my phone on any of my runs this week. Either because it rained too much or because I just wanted to run and not have the urge to take photos 😀

P.P.S. I got the job in case you were wondering 🙂




Training recap w/e 31/01/15

Last week’s training:

Monday:  1 hour Crosstrainer, 10 min bike + legs and abs

Tuesday: 4x5min effort + warmup/cooldown, running total 9.6 km

Wednesday: Pilates

Thursday: 11 km easy, pace 5:37

Friday: Off

Saturday: 8 km tempo (4:30 pace) on the treadmill, 10 km in total, 15 min crosstrainer + legs

Sunday: 14 km easy, pace 5:38 + arms

Weekly running: 44.6 km

I have sort of established a pattern for my workouts, at least for now. On Monday I went to the gym after running both Saturday and Sunday. I am aware that my knee is still causing me trouble and I don’t want to run in 3 consecutive days for instance.

Sian was kind enough to let me run with her again which was nice as I love having running company. Tuesday evening was horrible weatherwise, I already mentioned it in my last post here but it got done. Sian had 4 x 5 mins hard on her schedule. I didn’t have a set plan for that day but I wanted to run a bit faster so I tagged along. I am very very bad at estimating my pace for intervals and have always ended up running the first ones too fast and dying at the end. So with this in mind I made the decision to really keep my pace controlled for the 5 minute segments and try and pick up pace with each one. The average pace for the 5min efforts were: 4:16, 4:13, 4:10, 4:12. So I did well until the last one. I’ll just blame the wind for the last rep 😀 I was happy that I managed to keep the pace relatively steady. I am not a fan of running in the dark on uneven roads so it was a bit more challenging to do these reps in rain, wind and dark but excuses aside I think they went okay. I didn’t feel as exhausted at the end as I did after my 500m repeats the previous week for instance.. and my pace wasn’t that much different so maybe I could’ve pushed harder. Next time 🙂

I went to Pilates again on Wednesday and just an easy run on Thursday. I am being very careful not to increase my kilometers per week more than  about 10% at a time so I only increased my easy run by 1km. After Friday’s day off I tried tempo run on the treadmill. The aim was to do 7km but because the tempo felt okay I added an extra 1km. I was so happy with how 4:30 pace felt considering that before my half marathon last summer I did 10km in that pace and it was really hard. Obviously treadmill running is different and I can’t wait to do tempos outside but still, I was happy with that run.


Because of this extra 1km for tempo I decided to keep my Sunday “long” run at 14km like the previous week instead of increasing it to 15km as I had planned.. I am being very specific and careful and I really don’t know if couple of kilometers makes a difference  but I hope my knee will reward me for it.. (my knee is aching as I’m writing this so I’m not too sure about that).


Overall I’m really happy with the week. My knee hardly hurt and both of my faster runs felt good and strong so looks like we’re making improvements 🙂 The only thing I should try and remember to do is more core work and strength training.. If I don’t do it at the gym I always “forget” at home. The other excuse is that most of this week’s runs were in the rain and when I get home I just want to shower and change into comfortable clothes and at that point I can’t be bothered to do the abs etc anymore.. If I did them straight after the run it’d be fine but no one wants to stay in wet clothes. Sorry abs, rain wins you lose.

Still okay to run in a t shirt though…

Have a great rest of the week guys!