Training week (w/e 22/11/15) And an Important Question

I started the habit of posting my training recaps here so I’ll continue that…

But first, I got featured in this last week by monitorthebeat, I was so excited and I like that quote too! Their account is amazing for running photos and quotes, you can check it out here.


So back to last week, I din’t do much and my training is still a bit ‘aimless’ as I’m not back to normal running yet and have no specific goals. But here’s what the week included:




-5km run in 30 minutes, pace: 5:56




5.57km run in 30 minutes, pace: 5:23 + abs, arms and back.


-Gym: 45 min session on crosstrainer; 10 min warmup, 10*2 min hard (1 min recovery), 5 min cool down, 15 min bike + legs


-Gym: 30 min bike + abs, arms, and back


5.56km run in 32 minutes, pace: 5:44

The week started off with a rest day but I did a longer strecthing session. I don’t normally include stretching in the recap if it’s the normal basic everyday stretching but on Monday I probably spent 45 minutes to an hour stretching my whole body as opposed to just the main quads, hamstrings, calves kinda thing..

On Tuesday me and JP went for a run together. This happens like once in a  blue moon. The weather was pretty extreme all morning, gale force winds and rain but we were brave (Well I was and JP didn’t have a choice ;)). It actually didn’t even rain until we were almost home but the wind was preeeeetty strong. We took it quite easy, JP was shocked that we didn’t see any other runners for the first 10 minutes as there’s normally loads around the park. He was convinced we were the only ones out but we did end up seeing 3 others. My knee started hurting a bit towards the end but because of the weather I didn’t really want to walk home so finished the run anyway to make it 30minutes.


On Wednesday I was meant to do circuits at home but I got caught applying for a job that had a deadline the next day and I was filling that until 11.30pm. Circuits didn’t happen and it was a rest day instead.

I attempted running again on Thursday even though my knee had been hurting a little bit during the day. I probably shouldn’t have but I did (because I’m stubborn). I ran 30 minutes again, this time a bit faster than on Tuesday. Knee was a little bit achy towards the end but not too bad. Finished it off with some core work and weights at home.


Friday and Saturday I went to the gym. On Friday I thought I’d get my heart rate up on the crosstrainer. I did 10*2 min hard plus warmup and cool down, then some legs, and 15 min easy bike to finish off. On Saturday I did just 30 min bike plus abs, arms and back.  I had no desire really to be at the gym on Saturday I just went for the sake of going so I didn’t feel like I properly worked out.


On Sunday I attempted running again. It was a very cold morning (3 degrees) but it was nice and refreshing. I took it very easy not looking at the pace at all. I ran 32 minutes and there was NO pain in my knee. I was so happy 🙂 Maybe it’s finally starting to get better. My aim is to stay patient and take it slow. So next week I’m still not attempting more than 35 minutes of running just to be on the safe side.


And now the question:

I am in the need of new running tights and wanted to know if anyone has experience of compression tights such as Skins and 2XUs? Are they any good/noticeably different than normal tights?




4 thoughts on “Training week (w/e 22/11/15) And an Important Question”

  1. I use CW-X tights and LOVE them. i definitely notice a difference when i wear them and they help my hip to not hurt as quickly. i even got some of their shorts for the summer i loved them so much. they are an investment but totally worth it.

  2. Thanks for the advice Rachael. I think I’m going to get a pair. Based on what I’ve heard the compression really does make a difference. Can’t wait to try it myself 🙂

  3. Ostin ekat 2XU:t viime helmikuussa enkä oo pystynyt sen jälkeen enää muilla trikoilla juuri juoksemaan 😀 Välillä on ollut pakko, jos kompressiotrikoot on ollut pesussa. En tiedä, onko ne oikeasti paremmat, mut tuntuu niin ihanilta jaloissa! Ja kun siihen kompression tunteeseen tottuu niin siitä ei enää suostu luopumaan. Muistan, et ainakin aluksi juoksu kulki entistä paremmin noilla trikoilla. Jalat palautui nopeammin ja niissä tuntui olevan enemmän voimaakin 🙂 Saattaa olla pelkkää harhaluuloa kylläkin 😉 Mutta suosittelen anyway!!!

    1. Kiitos palautteesta 🙂 Kuulin noista joo pelkkaa hyvaa niin ne lahti tossa pari paivaa sitten tilaukseen kun oli via hyvassa alennuksessakin. Nyt odottelen postia ihan innoissani. Jos vaan viel paasis juokseen kunnolla niin ois ihan jees, mut ehka ne on niin ihmetrikoot etta ne parantaa mun polvivammatkin 😉 😀

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