Swansea Half Marathon Race Recap

On Sunday I ran my second half marathon of the year, the Swansea Half. It was organised for the second time this year and I ran it last year too. It is such a great course and event in general and I was very much looking forward to it.

I took the train there in the morning and was in a very good mood, 99% confident that I would break my pb by about 2 minutes, running it in 1:35.

My training hasn’t been very good these past months as I keep going from one injury to another and back again to the first injury but the past few weeks have been okay and I’ve even managed a couple of longish runs so I was quite optimistic about the race time. I did a Bath half marathon in March with what I thought was a lot less training and with a very injured leg and still ran 1:39, and Bath is hilly. So I was convinced that I’d run the Swansea’s flat course in at least 1:37 but more like 1:35.

Well the race started and the first two kilometers it was all great and everything was hunky dory and I was pacing myself well (I thought). By 3k I was starting to get stomach cramps but it was more of a discomfort than pain so I didn’t think it’d affect anything much. It was a very sunny, warm day and I hate running in warm weather and sunshine. I don’t know why but I seem to really struggle with it even if I am perfectly hydrated etc I still get very dizzy and nauseous easily. By half way point I had slowed down so much that I knew my goal time isn’t happening and I really just wanted to stop altogether. All I kept thinking was that I have never not finished so didn’t want this to be the first time. The nausea and feeling afwul got worse and worse so I slowed down massively and had to stop in a race for the first time. Well first time apart from London Marathon 2014 where I experienced exactly those same feelings just a bit more intense and ended up collapsing. So I guess I’ve learnt from my mistakes and I actually made myself stop on Sunday before collapsing. My legs almost gave up when I stopped but managed to stay up and stretch and drink water even though I felt like puking. After few minutes I took off again just slowly plodding away. It was almost like running with a terrible hungover. I felt afwul til the end and even 2 k before the finish I had to stop again as I thought I’d faint if I didn’t. I sound like such a drama queen but it was truly afwul 🙂

Eventually finished in 1:44, which isn’t a bad time. But considering I was convinced I could run 1:35 I was massively disappointed. And half marathon being my favourite distance I was so frustrated that this felt so bad. I am most annoyed about why it happened though, as I don’t understand how I can feel so afwul because of the heat and sun when it’s not like it was super warm and 30 degrees or anything… Ah well. Maybe I just have to run in the sun more to get used to it and wear a cap. Or just run when it’s cold 😀

Definitely looking forward to running and training now, after such disappointing race I feel more motivated to run. I haven’t actually signed up for any races at the moment but that will have to change soon. So if anyone has any suggestions for good races, let me know!



Have a great week guys!

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